6 Awesome Social Media Content Ideas to Elevate your Engagement Rate


Let’s straighten things out before we begin. Engagement on social media is more than just an impressive number. It has the power to properly embed you and your brand in the mind’s of our target audience and earn you a whole army of followers and customers if you employ the right strategies.


You see, if gaining engagement on social media was as easy as ABC , we’d each have over a million followers by now. The hard truth is that getting users to engage with your content is a difficult process that involves a lot of your time, energy and perseverance. In simple words, engagement is a direct result of the effort you put in. 


Whether they fully understand this or not, most companies, individuals and agencies online are now on the quest to improve their ‘engagement rates’ on their social media handles. If you’ve ever found yourself on the confused side of the spectrum, desiring these numbers but not fully understanding what they are or how to get them, we’re here to help. 


After weeks of compiling our own strategies and those that we employ for our dear clients, we’ve put together this super exhaustive guide that answers all your questions about social media engagement. So whether you’re a social media greenhorn or an experienced veteran looking to upskill, read on to level up your game!


So what exactly is social media engagement?


Engagement on social media comprises a gamut of indicators such as likes, comments, shares, that are unique and vary from platform to platform. In the simplest of terms, we may define engagement as any form of interaction made by the user with the content on your social media platforms. So, contrary to the popular belief that the good old ‘likes’ are the best indicator of a brand’s social media success, it is clear that a brand’s true reach can only be ascertained by factoring in the multiple forms of engagement - the numbers that we collectively call ‘engagement rate’.


Here are some examples of what social media engagement looks like on different platforms


Likes, comments and shares on Facebook

Likes, and comments on YouTube

Pins on Pinterest

Mentions and retweets on Twitter

Likes, comments, shares and saves on Instagram

Comments and follows on LinkedIn

Click-throughs on links you’ve shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest

Stories, poll or question replies on Instagram



Irrespective of the platform that you’re already on or are looking to tap, here are 8 amazing ways for you to get your social media engagement rates shooting through the roof.



1. Stay on top of trends or even better, start one!


The cornerstone of social media is ‘timeliness’. Haute couture and fashion trends stand no chance next to the hot seat that is social media today. If you aren’t on time for the latest social media trends, you might as well not be there at all because timeliness is of indescribable value here. When you speak about trending things online, you stand to gain visibility because it makes you/ your brand appear relevant and in the know of things. When you combine current issues with the right kind of funny, original, edgy or entertaining content, you leave a lasting impression on your audience. 


However, this is by no means a call for you to hop on to every trend that there is because not only will it draw deeply from your resources to be doing so, but also make you appear desperate. Speak about the things that matter to your particular target audience, things that resonate with your brand and persona. A great way to do this is to manually search for trending terms, keywords and hashtags in your industry periodically to determine what is being talked about. Also, keep an eye out on your competitors, they’re often the best sources of inspiration!


Once you have become used to this process, you will even begin to see potential gaps, i.e., things that people should be talking about or making content on within your industry but aren’t. That is where you step in to create a new trend, a new phenomenon that gets you noticed even more! In summation, pick the right star trends to hitch your wagons to and when the time is right, get your own stars for people to hitch their wagons to!  



2. Start a series, give your audience some stability


Why do some social media pages look so put together and perfect while others look like they’re an amalgamation of random posts? The answer is not a lack of effort, but a lack of strategy and planning. Make your feed and pages predictable (but not too predictable) to the extent where people know what they’ll find on it when they visit. 


The best way to do this would be by starting a series- it could be daily, weekly, or even monthly, we’ll leave that up to you. Remember #throwbackthursdays? That’s a perfect example of what a consistent series would look like. Let’s get more specific. If you’re a food business, you could #TipTuesdays where you share cooking tips, or if you’re an influencer you could do #MotivationalMondays! You get the gist- the possibilities are really endless. 



3. Shower your audience with some love in the form of giveaways and contests


Not to be crude, but nothing gets people’s attention as fast as a prize or a gift. Use human psychology to your advantage and run a nice contest or giveaway from time to time because it is by far the most effective form of getting your audience to perform the action you like- whether it is to get you more followers or share your content on their profiles and improve your visibility. 


We have observed some homespun brands here from India grow nearly twice as large in their engagement and visibility every time they run a contest or giveaway. Such is their power that even well-established brands in the Indian market employ them as an intermittent social media strategy. 


What are some things you can ask your audience to do as part of the giveaway or contest?

  • Increase engagement on your content by liking, commenting and sharing
  • Create user-generated content for your brand/page
  • Get their friends to follow you or subscribe to you
  • Contribute their ideas for a problem/ offer solutions


Keep in mind that whenever you run a giveaway, you have rock-solid terms and conditions sections that will cover you in the event of any unforeseen mishaps.



4. Answer your audience’s questions


Here’s something we tell all our clients - your audience wants to engage with you, they want you to be accessible and approachable. Gone are the days when the distance between brands and consumers/users was astronomical. Technology has bridged this gap.


Use the engagement options on social media platforms to allow your audience to get closer because they expect to be let in closer. Share your knowledge, experiences or simply reveal the human side of your business because it allows you to stand out amidst the clutter. On multiple platforms, answering sessions can look like:


  • YouTube lives
  • Instagram lives/ Ask me a question story sessions
  • Facebook lives
  • Comment section engagement on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn


The benefits of such sessions are manifold- not only will you improve brand reach and visibility, but also get access to a goldmine of content ideas for the future from your audience!



5. Spice things up with social media takeovers


A social media takeover is exactly what it sounds like- someone takes over your social media page for the day or a few days at a stretch and posts content on your behalf but from their own perspective. Suitable entities for social media takeovers include brand ambassadors, influencers, celebrities, brand partners, activists, or pretty much anyone with a good and relevant reach.


Apart from the obvious benefits of gaining more visibility from their clout, you also get to elevate your content by adding in a fresh breath of air! 


Just to reiterate (because this is important),  make sure that the person you choose for this job has an audience that is relevant to your brand or business.



6. Respond to mentions and don’t just talk about yourself


A wonderful thing about social media is that you can easily track down if you’re being talked about. Tagging is truly a boon in this sense. When someone tags or mentions you on their content, be sure to acknowledge it and share it because it accomplishes two purposes - adds yet another perspective to your business while acknowledging the creator that has taken the time and effort to talk/post about you.


Likewise, make sure that you also regularly share posts of other brands and people, it shows that as a brand, you take note of the world outside of you and elevates you from a point of self-centeredness to that of a community voice, which is ideally the whole point of ‘social’ media. Don’t be one of those brands that think that drawing attention to someone else’s content will draw attention away from yours! Be secure enough in your content to allow people the choice of choosing you, do not treat them alike they’re hostages! Believe it or not, an average social media user is likely to be less trustworthy of a brand or person who only talks about themselves.


These techniques have worked for us and all our clients, and we certainly hope it does for you too! Is there anything else you’d like to add to our list? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to follow our socials for more bite-sized tips!


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