About Us

How we came to be

As most success stories in the world begin today, ours too began with a disgruntled employee from an IT company. When 23-year-old Samyuktha Poornima was unexpectedly let go from her IT job, it nudged the secretive writer to start pursuing her hobby as a full-time career. With unnerving grit and determination, she went on to single-handedly found ‘Content is The King’, the alpha-version of today’s P’enthusiasts. After a long and arduous journey fraught with obstacles, she managed to whittle down the organization to what it is today- an industry leader in offering content services both in Chennai, where it is headquartered, and globally.

How it’s going

Today, the organization boasts of a committed band of full-timers and freelancers based out of multiple pockets around the world and united by their singular, unwavering love for writing. The content scene is bustling globally with more and more agencies mushrooming by the hour and it can be hard to choose one that correctly meets your organization’s content needs. P’enthusiasts makes this choice easier since it believes that good content is more than just hastily done keyword-stuffed pieces of writing, which is why its services are designed to be holistic, comprehensive and of the highest quality. The 3+ year old venture prides itself on a 100% successful process that begins from thoroughly understanding your brand and ends with delivering content that converts, connects and adds value to your business.

Vision and Mission


To become a global leader in the content creation space.


To deliver world-class content services through quality minds and change the landscape of digital content of businesses worldwide.

The Team

Core Team

Poornima T M

Poornima is a super homepreneur and the brain behind the inception of the company. Her goal is to find and unite like-minded writers under the banner of P’enthusiasts and to continue offering top-notch content to uplift brands around the world.

Nandakumar Ganesh

Nandakumar Ganesh is one of the founding members today who joined as a senior writer and project manager at P’enthusiasts. Ever brimming with ideas and insight, this UAE-based wordsmith is an indispensable part of the team.

Gautham Prakash

Numbers extraordinaire Gautham handles all things money at P’enthusiasts, leaving us artists to focus on what we do best, that is to create! He also possesses adept writing skills who can write anything from a tagline to a screenplay.

Hemant Kumar Kumanan

Hemanth is a self-proclaimed silent guardian, a watchful protector, and a Dark Knight. He also daylights as our project manager and has a whole host of interests some of which are photography, writing, and direction!

Content Team

Leena Bagmar

Leena is a budding scientist by profession. She loves to pen down exclusive content to explore her creative side and is also a passionate productivity and lifestyle blogger.

Samyuktha Ganesan

An engineer by profession and a voracious reader by passion, Samyuktha holds her ground in writing with extreme diligence. A content and copywriter who has worked with various brands and communities, she is also a sustainability freak and a kitchen neophile!

Raaghavi Senthil

Raaghavi is a content creator who loves to experiment with different genres and across verticals. Her love for books and longing for new experiences have together led to lifelong enchantment with words and their ways.

Design Team


Sumairah is a practicing architect who also indulges her creative side with her digital and graphic designing pursuits here at P’enthusiasts for a diverse set of clients in the field. She is also an avid blogger who loves to write in her spare time!

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