Our Beginning

What started as a dream by a 23-year-old IT employee Poornima who was let go from her job, is now a team of content writers & designers whose passion revolves around creating remarkable & high-quality content for brands.

“Content is the King” is the alpha version of today’s Penthusiasts; from there to here, we have grown exponentially and watched multiple businesses grow with us because of our content!

Our Promise to You

Unlike other brands, we don’t promise the world to you.

We promise to make the world notice you!

Our team of full-time content writers works from all pockets of the world. At every instance, we write with unfaltering passion & commitment to put your business on the map. Your success is all that matters to us!

We put ourselves in the shoes of you, your industry leaders and your audience to write engaging content that drives traffic.

What unites us? Our unwavering love for writing and delivering high-quality content that sells!


Our Goals


Become a global leader in Content Marketing expertise


  • Change the landscape of digital content for businesses worldwide
  • Help brands reap the benefits of high-quality Content Marketing
  • Maintain a content-writer-friendly work culture

Our Culture

Penthusiasts was the brain-child of Poornima, who was a new mother when she founded her dream. From then on, her focus was to provide a work culture that fosters creativity and embraces writers, especially young mothers who are back from a break to show the world their word’s worth.

Good content comes from writers who write for their passion and not from pressure.

We offer a friendly work culture that accommodates every writer’s bandwidth whilst balancing the needs of our clients. That’s how we craft content that is compelling!


Our Guiding Lights

The force behind our success

Poornima T M

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A free-spirited sales magnet with an Engineering background carrying the love for writing at her heart. Poornima is a first generation entrepreneur who started the company single-handed with sheer positivity and trust in her Content Writing skills | View LinkedIn Profile

Nandakumar Ganesh

Chief Operations Officer

A potterhead, salesman and a writer by passion. Starting his career as a columns writer, Nandakumar Ganesh has dabbled his hands on different aspects of running a business like sales, marketing, operations and finance | View LinkedIn Profile


Meet Our Team

The force behind our success

Vaanathi Parthiban

Project Manager

Vaanathi is a civil engineer turned content writer. An ardent reader, her passion for writing started early in books and stories. She loves giving meaning to her clients’ work & building empathy with people through her words.

View LinkedIn Profile

Vidhya Guru

Creative Head

As a 3D visualizer with over 4 years of experience in graphic designing, Vidhya had to take a break during her pregnancy. Today she is able to get back to what she loves doing, thanks to Penthusiasts.

View LinkedIn Profile

Thejas Vincent

Senior Content Writer

A soul out to transpire,
with a heart burning with desire
and a dream, hoping to aspire,
Thejas is a postgraduate in Literature
with a vision to change the world through his words.

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Jayashiri Ramanathan

Senior Content Writer

With an eye for all things quirky and a knack for making words dance, Jayashiri embarked on this journey to spread smiles and stories. Embracing each day with a smile, Jayashiri finds joy in pursuing her greatest love – writing! Beyond crafting content, she enjoys dabbling in canvases, painting her way to happiness.

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Jeraldine Durairaj

Freelance Content Writer

Jeraldine never thought her essay-writing skills and journaling habit would make her a content writer one day when she was hopeless with her B.Tech degree. But she’s happy with the path that life has picked for her. When she is not writing, you can find her vibing to music, watching feel-good movies, and sipping her nth cup of tea.

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Saranya KC

Junior Content Writer

Saranya started her writing journey with her blog about parenting, finding confidence and reassurance with storytelling. Embracing her love for writing, she leveled up her passion into a profession by creating each piece with sincerity and depth. She has written for multiple B2C industries and is experimenting with B2B writing. With Penthusiasts, it’s her second innings at her career, this time, doing what she loves!

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What sets your content marketing agency apart from others in the industry?

We stand out by offering tailored content solutions, from writing diverse content types to providing comprehensive content audits, all designed to meet your unique requirements.

Can we customize your services & avail content requirements based on our need?

We are adaptable, and are always open to customizing our services to best suit your needs.

Do you specialize in a particular content niche, or can you handle a wide range of industries?

We are versatile and skilled in crafting content for various sectors and in different forms like blogs, social media, PR articles, and more, ensuring a personalized approach for your business.

Can you help us assess our existing content's performance and quality?

Absolutely, we offer in-depth content audits as a standalone service, providing comprehensive reports to enhance your existing content strategies.

How do you balance work commitments with work-life balance for your team?

Our stress-free work culture prioritizes team well-being, allowing writers to take on projects based on bandwidth to ensure a healthy work-life balance while delivering quality results for our clients.

What are your work timings & how can I get in touch?

We work between 9am to 6pm everyday from Monday to Friday.

You can contact us by filling out the form or reach out to us at

Phone: +91-90032 85687 | Email: [email protected]